How To Stretch Properly

Stretching is one of the most basic things to do when exercising or performing actively. It may also be the most usually disregarded part. This is because, once the energy and focus levels are high, many people opt to forgo the tedious, time-consuming stretching. However, those people have the wrong understanding of stretching because it is very useful. 

Why Stretch?

  • It prepares muscles and joints by exploring the extent in range of motion, thus making you move better
  • It applies tension in order to improve flexibility and help achieving good form; prevents injury
  • Encourages better blood circulation and increases motivation to move
  • It releases the accumulated stress during or after workout, allowing you to recover back to normal 


  • When doing cardio exercise, stretch beforehand to increase precision of movements and lessening warm-up time.
  • After working out, stretch to cool down so that muscles can relax and recover back to normal.
  • Stretch daily as a daily habit. 

Basic Rules 

  1. Static stretching must be gentle and have no sudden movements.
  2. When stretching a muscle group, take time to maintain the position in order to feel the results. You can start with a 10 to 20-second hold and gradually increase it if the workout training program becomes intense. 
  3. When stretching, remember to breathe calmly and properly. 
  4. Do not overstretch. An indication of a good stretch is when you can really feel the result while doing it and afterward. Your range of motion is increased and the body becomes loosened. But if you feel pain during and after stretching, then that is a no-no. 

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