Collagen Help To Slow The Aging Process

As we age, most of us will panic due to the worry of looking unattractive. It is a fact of life but it doesn’t mean we cannot do something about it. One of the effective ways for slowing the aging process, appearance-wise, is to enrich the body with collagen. 

What Is Collagen?

When the body reaches its peak, usually around 25 years old, it will lose the natural collagen. The gradual loss of this protein can lead to gradually looking old also. Since 1/3 of the body contains collagen, the aging doesn’t only be reflected on the skin but also other parts. 

Why Need Collagen?

Since collagen is very significant to our aging process, replenishing our natural supply is the key to slowing it. All of us need collagen for various reasons, in which all are indications of our age. 

  • To obtain smooth skin
  • To strengthen bones and nails
  • To protect joints from deterioration
  • To prevent heart diseases 

Where To Get Collagen?

During the younger years, our bodies are synthesizing collagen. But when we reach the age of late 20s, the synthesis gradually slows down. The consequence of that is having our appearance and structure slowly deteriorating. 

But if you develop a healthy diet wherein you include eggs, beef, chicken, fish, gelatin, and seafood, you have a better chance of preventing the collagen synthesis from slowing down. Collagen supplements are also getting popular since they are easy to consume. 

Furthermore, avoiding being exposed to unhealthy external factors like smoking, pollution, and stressful situations can help in preventing loss of collagen. 

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