Workout Tips For Women Over 40

As everyone ages, working out seems to be getting difficult. Still, it will be beneficial to pursue such habits, even for women who are already 40 years or older. Aside from weight loss, skin conditions and overall health will also be improved. 

Types Of Training And Recommendations

Working out or training has different types. You can choose to indulge in any of these types or mix them up. Your goal body type and condition will depend on the training you have undergone. 

Anaerobic/ Strength Workouts

These workouts focus on improving the muscles through lifting weights. According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, the recommended amount for these workouts is at least twice a week on major muscle groups. 

Being over 40 years old, women must avoid working the spine with axial load. This means that they must ease on doing squats, deadlifts, and standing presses.

Aerobic/ Cardio Workouts

These workouts are the easiest to execute and can be done as a social activity. WHO recommends that middle-aged women do at least 150 minutes weekly of moderately intense cardio training or 75 minutes weekly of high-intensity. 

It is beneficial to do 10 minutes of cardio before going through strength training. From there, you can gradually increase the cardio time up to 30 minutes. If you are solely doing cardio, start by exercising for 20 minutes. Later on, increase that until you can handle 60 minutes. 


Stretching is usually done before warming up and after cooling down. However, in this context, the stretching refers to a whole training session itself, like yoga exercises. WHO recommends at least 3 sessions per week. 


Workout is for the long-term. Once you achieve your goal, usually the next thing to do is maintenance. It will be helpful if you mix your training to attain balanced results. Now that you’re 40, don’t forget to prioritize rest for recovery. 

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